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Off Road Trail Spotlight: Ledges - St. George, Utah (Sand Mountain) Trails

With so many trails near St. George, we have to admit that we’re often spoiled for choice. We can choose to go rock-crawling or try out the obstacles on some of the popular trails in Moab or explore further afield.

If you’re tired of the crowds and the larger-than-life obstacles, you can choose to join us as we discover new trails during our trail riding events. We have a mission to uncover as many trails in the southwest as possible and share them with people who are as passionate about off-roading as we are.

Ledges, Sand Mountain      

Trails are dynamic and as some get closed off to the public over time, others are opened up. The Ledges in Sand Mountain is a relatively new trail that was added to the Winter 4x4 Jamboree in 2021.

If you like driving on sand, then this is the trail for you. It will take you to the farthest reaches of Sand Mountain as you travel across dunes in Sand Hollow. Sand Mountain remains the best place for dune shredding this side of Utah. With miles of technical trails, it is suitable for all kinds of OHVs and is a great place to learn how to drive on sand.

The Ledgers trail provides all that and ramps things up. While you’ll get plenty of time on the dunes, you’ll also have to deal with steep drops coupled with plenty of off-camber sections. This is where all your sand-driving experience will come in handy. You’ll need to have excellent tire placement and great spotting to make it through this trail without any mishaps. As for your vehicle, you’ll need tires that are at least 35” tall, along with both front and rear differential lockers. Adequate ground clearance also won’t hurt.

This trail offers a scenic drive and you can choose to cut across the top of the West Rim. Don’t forget to take in the wonderful scenery as you navigate the challenging washes and cliffs. While the sheer drops on some sections may have you questioning why you chose the trail, the fantastic views of the Arizona Strip and the Warner Valley below can prove to be sufficient distractions. From the right angle, you can also glimpse the Pine Valley Mountains and the Hurricane Cliffs.

Trip Tips

The sand may lull you into thinking that this is a tame trail, but far from it. There are plenty of obstacles as you navigate the dunes, slickrock ledges, steep walls as well as some off-camber shelf roads. Due to this, the Ledges trail is recommended only for experienced 4x4 off-roaders. You should also get a map of the area to be sure you don’t get lost.

When tackling this and other trails through Sand Mountain, all off-roaders are required to remain on designated routes to avoid damaging the fragile environment. Feel free to contact Dixie 4 Wheel Drive for any tips on the trails or for how you can modify or upgrade your 4x4.

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