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Custom 4X4 Specialist Mechanic Projects

Part of the fun of owning a 4x4 is being able to tinker with it. You can enhance, modify or upgrade nearly all parts of your vehicle to bring it as close to the ride of your dreams as possible. You’ll need a specialized off-road shop with the passion, tools, expertise and experience to see your vision and bring it to life.

Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we pride ourselves on being the biggest off-road enthusiasts and gearheads this side of Moab, Utah. We have worked on lots of custom 4x4 builds over the years and we know which upgrades suit different 4 wheel makes or models and we understand which mods will help you perform well on diverse off-road trails and terrains.

While you can comfortably handle some 4x4 repairs at home, custom mods and upgrades are different. Projects of this magnitude require seasoned professionals, like us, who know their way around different gadgets and aftermarket parts. We’re happy to help you choose the right products to modify your vehicle for better 4x4 performance and safer, sturdier off-roading.

Before embarking on your custom 4x4 modification project, you first need to consider the following:

  • The make and model of your off-roader. Four wheelers are not all equal and modifications that work on a jeep might not be suitable for a truck or SUV.

  • What do you plan on using your rig for?  A 4x4 that spends most of its time on smooth tarmac and highways doesn't require the same upgrades as one that’s driven hard over unforgiving terrain.

  • How much are you willing to spend? Seeing as there are hundreds of performance parts and equipment in the market, your budget plays a part in determining which ones will go on your vehicle.

Custom 4x4 Specialist Project Modification Options

Once you’ve figured out the points above, it’s time to get to the specifics of your modification project i.e. what you want to achieve. The 3 most common reasons to bring in your vehicle for modification include:

  1. Boosting your vehicle’s off-road prowess

  2. Enhancing both you and your ride’s protection

  3. Increasing your 4x4s aesthetic appeal

Sometimes, your goal might be to achieve all 3 at once. Keep in mind that different components and procedures have to be applied to produce the desired effect.

Modifications And Upgrades To Improve 4x4 Vehicle Performance

Most 4 wheel drive owners are constantly looking for different ways to dramatically increase their vehicles’ off-roading capability and usability. You want a vehicle that’s light enough to blaze over the trails but also sturdy enough to take whatever you throw at it.

The suspension is usually the first upgrade made when building an off-road vehicle. A higher lift gives you adequate ground clearance to make technical maneuvers over challenging terrain. Modifying your suspension also means changing out your shocks, springs and track bars.

You can also give your ride more oomph by switching to meatier tires, robust wheels, installing locking differentials for better traction and modifying the vehicle’s ECU to really unlock it’s potential. Also, don’t forget to fit improved lighting for better nighttime visibility.

Other performance-enhancing mods include:

  • An upgraded braking system

  • Modified air intake and exhaust systems

Exterior Parts and Body Armor Modifications To 4X4's

If your aim is to enhance you and your vehicle’s protection, your best bet is to modify and upgrade its exterior parts or to fit it with some armor. There are all sorts of aftermarket parts available to help you achieve this.

Fixing front and rear bumpers, grill guards and bull bars, gives your 4x4 protection from thick undergrowth, low-hanging branches and boulders as you go tearing through those off-road trails. They can also provide handy mounting points for spotlights, whip flags, aerials or winches. Plus let’s face it, modified trucks and SUVs just look more badass sporting a set of bull bars.

You might also want a skid plate to protect your differentials, transfer case, oil pan, fuel tanks and other important components on your vehicle’s undercarriage from being shredded as you go rock crawling.

To protect the sides of your 4x4 from sustaining unsightly scratches and damage on the trail, consider adding some rock sliders. These also double up as steps to help you get in and out of your vehicle if it sits high above the ground.

Other great 4x4 body mods include:

  • Roll cages- especially if you have a UTV or dune buggy

  • Fender flares

  • Mud flaps

  • Hood latches

  • A winch

  • Modified doors

  • Roof racks

Custom Interior Upgrades To Have On Your Off Road Vehicle

Your custom 4x4 modification project wouldn’t be complete without tricking out your vehicle’s interior. If your budget allows it, install some aftermarket suspension seats to give you extra comfort and cushioning as you explore bumpy routes. Your safety is also paramount so don’t forget to add a 4 or 5 point harness to prevent you and your passengers from being thrown whenever you hit sharp bumps or come to an abrupt stop.

Add a bit of flash and style to your rig by getting a fully customized interior compete with bespoke upholstery and custom floor liners topped with chrome and billet components on the dash panel and a custom-made steering wheel.

Don’t forget these other interior upgrades:

  • Sun visors

  • Grab handles

  • Entry guards

  • Side and rear view mirrors

  • Audio system- radio, stereo, speakers etc.

Let the 4X4 Mechanics & Specialists Handle Your Next Vehicle Project

Building a custom 4x4 off-roader involves more than welding on a bumper or slapping some bigger tires on your ride. You need 4x4 specialists who know how different parts interact with each other to give you the best off-road performance without compromising on ride quality.

We at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive have the tools, skills and equipment to install all the aftermarket parts, mods and upgrades needed to make your dream build project a reality.

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