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Off Roading Trail Ride By Dixie 4 Wheel Drive - Rattlesnake Trail Ride (Rated 5) - June 2022

Date of Event: 
06/18/2022 - 9:30am

This will be a fun drive through Rattlesnake Gulch (Rated 5)

About this event

Rattlesnake Gulch in southern Utah is one of those iconic, right of passage trails that should be on everyone's shortlist.

For those with lightly modified, daily driver type rigs that want a little more scenery than the red rocks of Sand Hollow, then this is the trail for you.

It's a short drive from Hurricane, and the trail has flowing mountain water all year long. In the summertime, the small swim holes and at the end offer wonderful places to relax. The boulders are numerous, big, and wet. There are vertical rock ledges to drop down and soft sand to climb up as you zigzag through a 200-foot deep desert canyon.

Come prepared for a wonderfully unique rock crawling experience.

Date and time


La Verkin Shooting Range

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